Test Suites

First things first

  1. Right click the dashboard on the left panel and choose “Add Folder”

2. Name your folder and confirm.

3. Now after the folder is created, it appears on the left panel under the dashboard, right click it and select the type of test suite you wish to create - web or mobile.

Adding test cases to your suite

  1. Select the suite you wish to work on by clicking it in the left panel

  2. Click on the cases tab

  3. Click on ‘Add case’ button above the cases list

4 .Pick the cases from the folders you wish to add to your suite from the list

5. Add & Close

Running the test suite

In order to run the test you must select a browser you want to run it on.

  1. Select the suite you wish to edit or upload on the left panel of the screen by clicking it.

  2. Click on the browser tab in the center of the screen.

  3. Select a browser by checking the checkbox in the browser you want to run it on.

  4. Click on save changes on the top middle section, and you may run the test by clicking “Run Now”.