Running Tests Cases

Execute a single test

You may execute your test from the cases screen by doing the following:

  • Inside the cases screen, click on the case you created.

  • You can decide who will receive notification for this case.

  • You can schedule the case to run whenever you need.

  • You can use data from a parameters file such as xlsx by uploading it.

Accessing the parameters in the script:

const email = //
  • Select the browser you wish to run the case on.

  • Upload the script you wish to run.

  • (Optional) - Go to settings and select environment and releases you wish to run it on.

  • Write details and upload relevant files for your case, and then click on Save Changes.

  • Click on ‘Run now’ button which appears at the top right, The results will appear under Results tab.

  • Click on the date, it will open the details about the case, on which browser it ran and it's steps:

  • When the case opens a website, it also shows the requests happening behind the scenes:

  • Now, let's open a failed case, we will see the failure reason, as well as all the steps lead to it, on which line it failed, and the screenshot of the failed step. Same as before, we can see the requests.

Execute a test suite

Running suites is exactly the same as running a single case, except here you can add multiple cases to run together. You may execute your test from the suites screen by doing the following:

  • Inside the suites screen, click on the suite you created.

  • Under Cases or Tags, click on add cases:

  • You may select which cases to run, by default it will run everything, save changes then run now:

  • White the suite is running, you may see the progress:

  • Finally, see the results by clicking on each case:

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