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What is CloudBeat Synthetic?

Your All-In-One Production Guard
Cloudbeat synthetic, a revolutionary synthetic monitoring platform that harnesses the full potential of existing test automation platforms. With a simple connect to the R&D GIT repository you are now finally able to monitor your user's digital experience on top of web pages, mobile applications, API traffic using any automation that exists in your R&D department.
Using Cloudbeat synthetic you can:
  • Create a consistent baseline of your user experience
  • Be alerted of fluctuations in response time
  • Detect geographic performance abnormal response time or availability
  • Track your entire digital assets traffic and issues in production
  • Set specific SLA for different business transactions
  • Notify and alert different teams regarding relevant issues in production
  • Get ongoing statistics and metrics on the scenario and transaction levels
Utilize your R&D tests on top of production
Connect to any existing test automation scripts in your R&D and utilize them for your synthetic monitoring. Using the knowledge and experience of R&D professionals
  • Connect to GIT repository
  • Get Reflect code presented as executable Suites
  • Designate specific suites for your synthetic monitoring.
  • Execute Web, mobile, API, desktop automation, SMS messages
  • Get full root cause analysis of your test results including logs, screenshots, waterfall, transaction response time and failure analysis.
  • Ongoing performance and availability of the inspected transactions
Note: you can also Create your own web and mobile scripts using a powerful, state of the art, recorder provided by CloudBeat.
1. Connect to any existing automation 2. Set browsers or devices 3. Monitor your production
SaaS or On-Premise
Flexible deployment of the synthetic monitor allows you to set a monitor on-premise or in the cloud. Synthetic monitor comes with different flavors:
  • Full on-premise installation (Local server and agents)
  • Hybrid installation (SaaS server and local agents)
  • Full SaaS (Server and cloud agents)
Simply select the desired configuration and start monitoring.
Cross region, device and browser
CloudBeat synthetic allows you to monitor any browser or device from any geo location in the world. Simply connect your synthetic to your favorite cloud farm and you will instantly be able to execute your synthetic monitor from any location and device or browser globally.
  • Any browser or device farm (Sauce labs, Browser stack, perfecto mobile and many more)
  • Any browser version (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and more)
  • Any device (Android, IOS, Tablets, Note)
  • Any geo-location in the world
DevOps continuous deployment
You may connect your synthetic monitor to any of your DevOps engines and synchronize your synthetic monitoring with the continuous integration and continuous deployment process. This will allow you to add canary testing and an extra layer of validation on your deployment.
  • Any DevOps engine using a CLI tool (Jenkins, Circle CI, GitHub, Azure DevOps and many more)
  • Pre merge, Staging, Canary and any other pre or post deployment.
Transaction based
You can provide clear business transactions that can be monitored separately and analyzed to get detailed understanding of the expected user experience. The transactions are displayed as steps and can be drilled to the waterfall level.
Transaction based monitoring with a waterfall per transaction
Use your favorite coding for your tests
Use the most common coding frameworks for test automation in Java, C#, JS, Cucumber, API and others:
Here is a list of the frameworks supported (Postman and coming soon)
  1. 1.
    Connect to any existing automation 2. Set browsers or devices 3. Monitor your production
Connect to GIT repositort to connect test automation
Select Any browser or device
Monitor the tests in production
Get root cause analysis of results
Oxygen IDE- Create your web, mobile, API, desktop automation
Generate execution reports