DDT - Oxygen Framework

CloudBeat's runner will automatically bind the test data defined in Parameters tab of your Test Case or Test Suite and will pass it on to the underlying Oxygen framework

Using parameters from an external file

In order to replace a constant value with a test parameter in Oxygen Framework, we can use the params object, which is assigned to the parameter file and contains it's values.

For example here is a parameters file with 2 values:

Our parameter name is “email” and the value is “1@gmail.com”, the following example will perform type action in your Oxygen script and will replace "email" parameter with "1@gmail.com" value:

web.type(“id=email”, params.email);

Using parameters from environments

Additionally, Environment variables can be created and be used for different environments.

For example, here we have TEST and DEV, we create a "url" and "user" parameters and assign their values to "http://test.com" and "testo" in our TEST environment:

To use them, we simply specify which environment we want to use in our case/suite/monitor:

After that, to access them in the script we use the env object which is assigned to our chosen environment, then access the values by using the following syntax:

web.type('id=username', env.user)

For more info see:

pageCreating Environments

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