CI/CD Tools

Integrating your CI/CD tools with CloudBeat

In order to start, Installing CloudBeat-CLI tool is required:
npm install -g cloudbeat-cli
This is a pre-build step and is mandatory.
NOTE: If you're running a build on a clean machine each time(Docker, for instance) make sure you have NodeJS installed, and running the installation command (see above) on each build.


Run specified test case or suite in CloudBeat
Following command will execute the specified Suite, wait for the tests to finish, and will produce XML report in JUnit format: cloudbeat-cli run <testId> <testType> <apiKey> [host] [folder]
Get specified run status:
Method can be used for getting status of an already running test: cloudbeat-cli run-status <runId> <apiKey> [host]
Get test result for specified test run:
Method can be used for getting status of an finished test: cloudbeat-cli --method=pack_and_send --id=[id] --apiKey=[apiKey]
Additional parameters
Exit code can be controlled with --failOnErrors (true or false). Default is true. For example --failOnErrors=true