Creating Tests Cases

Once you already have a test case that runs locally on your machine it is time to run it on CloudBeat. there is more than one way to create your tests, Here is how to create them on Oxygen framework:

Creating your first test case

  • Go to Cases under Testing

  • Right-click the dashboard on the left panel and choose “Add Folder”

  • Name your folder and confirm.

  • Now after the folder is created, it appears on the left panel under the dashboard, right click it and select the type of test case you wish to create - web or mobile.

Web/Mobile? What is the difference?

Web tests and mobile tests are running on different platforms, for example - a web test can run on Chrome browser , Internet Explorer, Firefox. When creating a web case - ‘Browsers’ tab will appear , and there you can choose your platform to run and the current server you wish to run it on.

A mobile test can run on certain devices - that use iOS operating system or Android , for example - Samsung Galaxy S7 , iPhone 8. When creating a mobile test - ‘Devices’ tab will appear, and there you can choose your platform to run and the current service provider / server you wish to run it on.

Can a web test run on a mobile device?

It sure can, make sure you use the correct capabilities (Use ‘browserName’ instead of ‘AppPackage’ and ‘AppActivity’) and choose a device from the ‘Devices' tab - or simply select an App from the case settings.

Filtering your devices list

You can filter simply by clicking them and choosing from the list, here are the filtering options:

  • Device Status

  • Selected Devices

  • Device Names

  • OS (Operating systems)

  • Versions

Create your tests in other frameworks

Technically, your tests are being automatically created when you create your project (Whether you choose Git sync or just upload your project test) - if you want to see the tests you have created in CloudBeat you can see them in the Cases Screen.

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