Creating your first monitor

Test project configuration

In order to create a monitor, you need to have some tests ready inside a project. For further information on how to create a project or adding tests to a project, please refer to projects section and the Test Cases section in this tutorial.

Configure the monitor

Once you set up a test project and added test cases to the project you may create a new monitor. Simply click on the monitors menu item

Now click on the "Add monitor" button and fill in the monitor name in the dialog box that appears. fill also the name of the test project you created in the first dialog box and the type of monitor (Web or Mobile) in the second dialog box.

Note: you can set a web or mobile monitor, so tests that are attached to the monitor should be from the same type.

After you click Add, the monitor configuration page opens. Here you can set the following details on the monitor configuration

  • General- Set Module name, test mode, performance threshold for te test and description

  • SLA- Set General and transaction SLA threshold

  • Reports & Alerts- Set the groups that get the alerts and reports. you can set different types of alerts and reports for each group

  • Browsers/Devices- select the devices or browsers that will be used in the monitor

  • Cases- select the cases that will be used in the monitor. you can select one or more for each monitor.

  • Schedule- Set time schedule for the monitor to run. you can select Every several minutes or per day or a specific time

  • Settings: Similar to suites settings. here you can define the runtime settings, versions, iterations and other runtime options.

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