Data-Driven Testing

In order to run the same test with different values, you can attach Test Data (parameters) file to your test. You can upload or change your test data in Parameters tab in Test Case or Test Suite screens.

In the following example, you can see a parameter file that the test called 'Web Test' will use.

You can control how parameter file is being read by selecting one of the following options in "Fetch parameters" field of "Settings" tab in Test Case or Test Suite screens:

  • Sequential - select the next test data row sequentially per each test iteration

  • Random - randomly select the next data row per each test iteration

Using your test parameters in your test scripts is framework specific. Select your framework below to learn how to access CloudBeat-stored test data in your code:

  • TestNG

  • JUnit 5

  • MS Test

  • Cucumber (with JUnit 4)

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