Maintenance Windows allows you to set a maintenance schedule which will stop all monitor activity during the specified time, and automatically continue to run afterwards.

What is a maintenance?

It's a process which contains software preparation, problem identification and finding out about product configuration management.

• The problem identification process includes checking validity, examining it and coming up with a solution and finally getting all the required support to apply for modification.

• The platform migration process, which is used if software is needed to be ported to another platform without any change in functionality

So while these processes are active, active monitor tests may interfere with them, that's where Maintenance Windows comes in handy and provides the option to stop the chosen monitor tests at any desired time and resume them when needed.

Maintenance schedule has several options:

• Once, when you have a sudden and critical issue.

• Weekly and monthly for scheduled occasions such as software updates.

To set up maintenance head over to the Monitoring section and click on Maintenance:

Click on New Window, give it a meaningful name, and choose your desired frequency and save:

After saving, your preferences the maintenance will appear and you'll be able to modify it or delete it under ACTIONS

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