Test Results

The test results screen

This screen is the main result screen that contains results of all projects (permission wise) and filter them, getting the specific results you were looking for.


  1. Date range filters by:

  • Last week

  • Last 30 days

  • Last month

  • Last year

2. Project filters by the project's name.

3. Releases filters by release.

4. Status filters by:

  • Passed

  • Failed

Results table:

The results table shows information about your test cases history run regarding the filters you have chosen:

  • Date - shows the date and time of the test execution.

  • Status - Failed or Passed.

  • Test Name.

  • Project’s Name.

  • Duration - The amount of time to execute from beginning to end.

  • Release/Cycle - If the test have been assigned to a certain release or cycle.

  • Executed By - The user who executed the test.

Detailed results

If you want to get the detailed results of a certain test case, simply click the date on the certain row and it will direct you to the correct result.

Case information

If you want to edit or get more information about history run of a certain test case, click the test case’s name.

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