With CloudBeat test orchestration and analytics platform, you can seamlessly manage, run, scale and analyze automated tests. CloudBeat works with many popular test automation frameworks and Cloud Providers, among them Perfecto. This guide will explain how to configure and run tests on the devices available in your Perfecto account. The guide assumes you already have both CloudBeat and Perfecto accounts.

Perfecto Account Configuration

In order to connect your Perfecto account, you can either provide your Perfecto security token (can be found in your Perfecto account settings) or your Perfecto username and password (not recommended).

Log in to your CloudBeat account and go to Settings -> Integrations -> Perfecto. Select your preferable authentication method and enter the corresponding details. Your new settings will be automatically saved.

Accessing Your Perfecto Devices

After you have set your Perfecto credentials in the previous step, you can now run your CloudBeat tests on the devices available in your Perfecto account. In order to select Perfecto devices, open the test you want to run on these devices and go to Devices tab. In the devices list, you will see your Perfecto devices under “Perfecto” category. You can mix Perfecto and other devices available in your CloudBeat account. Next to each device, you will see the current device status.

To add your Perfecto devices into the mix, just select the desired devices and press “Save” button. Appium capabilities will be automatically generated based on the device specifications and will be injected into your test script.

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