Adding Apps

Adding an app sdk allows us to use it in a mobile case

In this screen you’ll see a list of applications and maintain them in a higher level - what does it mean ?

It means that if your application has gone through changes (app activity or package) you can manage all that in this screen - and you will not have to change it in each script that currently runs the app.

First thing’s first!

If you have no applications on the list - it’s time to create one -

Click on “New App” button.

In the new app window - type your app name and click “Add”.

Now a new screen will open with the name you picked, and you may add a version to the app (optional).

  • To add a new app, go to Apps under Testing and click on New App:

  • Now you can upload the APK and set the app details:

Android Apps

In order to configure your Android app you will need to provide 3 things:

  1. App Package

  2. App Activity

  3. APK file

If you don’t know the app package and app activity, simply open the app on your device and use an app called APK info.

IOS Apps

In order to configure an iOS app - you must provide 2 things:

  1. Bundle ID

  2. IPA file

Finding bundle ID can be done by doing the following steps:

  1. Sign in to iTunes Connect.

  2. Click My Apps.

  3. Click on the app whose Bundle ID you want to find.

  4. Click More and then click About This App.

  5. Your Bundle ID is displayed and begins with

  • To use it in a mobile case, open the case and go to settings:

Editing/Delete an app

Once your apps are created, you can simply edit their information by clicking the name of the application , and you will be forwarded to the edit page.

If you wish to delete the app, in the app main page to your right, there’s a trash icon.

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