Environment screen

This screen is where you manage Environment parameters for your test cases and suites.

Why is this essential?

In order for you to not need to adjust the script every time you wish to run it on a different environment - we have made this screen in a simple structure of key(name) & value , That way, you can run the script over and over again and get different results from different environments with no changes needed.


In order to use a certain parameter, type the key (name) under name column and the value you want it to contains, but make sure you write all keys/names similarly in each environment, for example:
In production environment:
  • name :userName value: User123
In staging environment:
  • name :userName value: User123

Oxygen framework usage

In cases screen, under the script tab, you should type the key name in your script with a $ sign.
For example, if “userName” is the key and the value would be “User123”, use it under script tab like that:
web.type(“id=username”, “${userName}“);
  • Note this example is valid for Oxygen Framework only. for more information click here.
In this following example the test will send parameter from the Environment screen or from parameters screen (once uploaded a file).